Legacie Contracts Embankment Salford

Project Value to Cheshire Scaffolds Ltd: £300k

Main Contractor: Legacie Contracts

Main Contract Value: £40m

Due to insufficient working space within the Sites permitted footprint, Legacie contracts required the need for scaffolding to enable façade works to commence without subsequently compromising the storage areas or vehicular access around the project.

Legaice contracts approached Cheshire Scaffolds LTD with a solution to the issue they faced. This was composed of a Complex Designed Cantilevered Scaffold to which mast climber would be positioned upon, to allow the Façade works to be carried out without encroaching into the service road around the Site.

Due to the mast climbers being required to reach the full height of the buildings to which the Irwell Building reaching a staggering 36 stories, a vast amount of complex Beam work was required to allow the mast climbers to acquire these heights without the need to start from ground level. In places a Cluster of 6 X 750MM Apollo beams were needed to withstand, the immense weights which were in excess of 121KN.

In conclusion, this project has faced many hurdles to continue the works which has been on hold for several years, to which Cheshire Scaffolds LTD have successfully aided with getting the 300 Apartments over the starting line again to provide additional housing for the rising popularity for city living.

Embankment Salford